What Is The Soul?

Beautiful question! It’s one of life’s mysteries and I don’t think that I will ever be able to grasp the whole picture. 

But I do know for sure that we all do have a soul. You do. I do. 

And it is beautiful. 

I believe that the soul is your very essence. And it is also the widest extension of yourself. It includes everything you have ever been, everything you may ever be and everything you possibly could be. It is your destination and your ground, your present, your past and your future. It is the hope inside of you, sometimes whispering to you very quietly only, but always beautifully: Life has more in store for you. 

And you know it. 

Unlike other spiritual teachers, I do not believe that it is possible to lose parts of your soul. I do believe that your soul is the one thing that is always complete. It is the anchor that you can always come back to, connect to and make changes from. 

It is like the treasure box of your personality. It’s always there. But at times, you may have to go on a little treasure hunt to find it. 

This could happen when your personality has drifted too far away from your soul. 

Imagine it like this: There is your soul on the one hand. And then there is your personality on the other hand. And your personality is the human expression of your soul. It is the part of your soul that wants to be expressed in this life.

But there is a But, and in this case, it is a huge one!

The big yet beautiful But is your free will. I am a big believer in free will, which means that you do not have to follow the call of your soul. Not at all, if you don’t want to. You can choose whatever path you wish. 

Really, you can walk into the complete opposite direction if you want to and at times, this will be exactly what you need to do. It is part of our lives that we have to discover and experience opposites. I believe we must rebel at times to make clear and conscious choices for one thing or the other. 

And whatever you choose to do, your soul will never ever give up on you. It will always, and I mean literally always, try to catch your attention and guide you back to your essence. Guide you to walk through life in its slipstream. 

I can tell you one thing: You will live life more at ease once you start to follow the lead of your soul. But make no mistake …


What Your Soul Feels Like

Following your soul won’t free you from any kind of negative experiences. You will still have to endure the whole range of emotions, the good ones as well as the bad ones. Because as we will find in a future blog post: In terms of the Universe, there is no good or bad. There simply is what is.

Following the call of your soul comes with a very beautiful feeling. One that is hard to explain because it feels like nothing else. It’s a form of peace. It is a feeling of: “I want more of that.” 

You finally feel like yourself. And therefore it frees you from outside opinions; not because you wouldn’t care, but because deep inside, you know that you have to walk YOUR path. And then, one step at a time, you will cut out everything that is not nourishing that path and invite everything in that is supportive to you. And that, my friend, is an experience you can look forward to. Because it brings beauty and clarity and light into your life. 

Nevertheless, it is a work in progress and as far as I am concerned it will ever be. You will make mistakes, you will fail, you will have bad days and be faced with your own limiting beliefs and insecurities. Remember: We are here to learn and grow. You cannot push yourself up and beyond without failing along the path. So, for the love of God, don’t be afraid of failing! It would be your sure path to stagnation and frustration.  

Instead, start walking towards your soul. Start today. Make it your number one priority to connect to your essence. It may be a journey and if the gap that you have created between your personality and your soul is rather big, you may need some time for that journey to unfold. But you will get there. 

Simply start with asking yourself the most important question of all: 

Who am I?

Who are you?

What makes you YOU? 

Grab a journal or a simple piece of paper and journal on that question every day for at least a month and you will get closer and closer to your pure essence. 

Your soul is nothing but beautiful. Go meet it. 

P.S. Want to know my most favorite definition of the soul of all times? It is the one that Gary Zukav gave Oprah on her show back in the 90es. You can watch it here

One Comment

  • I think Austin Power’s mojo was actually his soul.
    I found my mojo 20 years ago. Ever since then, it comes and goes. Why? I simply think it’s because of choices. I think we temporarily put the lights out on it. I think we clutter the space where the mojo should sit with daily baggage. We stifle it for reasons which are probably justified but erroneous nonetheless.
    What a joy to know that it is but closeted. We cannot destroy the mojo.
    Let the mojo run free!

    Disclaimer: If you’ve not seen Austin Power’s then you likely think- this chap’s lost his fruit basket! That’s on you my dear friend, rectify the situation and watch the film. 😆


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