Is Heaven a Happy Place?

I’m sorry I have to be the one to tell you that, but no, it is not. Heaven is not a happy place. 

But! Here are the good news: It is even better than that!

Because heaven, or the spiritual realm, as I like to call it, it is an even better place. It is whole. Whole and holy. There is sadness, there is humor, there is death, there is life. When I do a reading, I can see all different kinds of picutres and I can feel every emotion you can think of. 

But somehow, it never feels heavy. Everything is balanced out in the most beautiful way. Imagine it like this: There are all the things that can happen to you in this life, like, literally: Everything. All good. All bad. All worse. And everything in between. 

But there is no drama. Someone simply subtracts all the drama. All the thoughts, and the what-ifs and the why-mes. All the confusion is gone and what is left is a simple so-it-is. A raw truth in its very essence. And once you are able to see it like this, like a pure so-it-is-situation, it gains a sense of clarity that we can now, finally, look at with open eyes. And now we are free to solve it.

This raw and drama-free truth encourages us like nothing else to work with it and to accept the challenge, no matter how big or small it may be. 

I’ve seen huge challenges in my work as a reader. Lost brothers, unloving parents, lost babies, abuse of any kind, mental disorders, car accidents and lots and lots of trauma. Just to name a few. 

But as soon as you substract the drama, everything can be handled. 

Now, don’t get me wrong! This is not about denying your emotions or the heaviness that some experiences may bring! It is utterly important to feel it, handle it appropriately and for the love of all things holy, get whatever help you need to do so!

But the final goal is not happiness. 

The final goal is to face all the challenges you come across in this life and to find in you the strength to deal with them. You will face no challenge that you can’t deal with.

Here is another trap I see people step in: They are denying their problems, because they don’t seem to be important enough. They feel like luxury problems. Nothing worth handling. Not big enough! 

And yes, I totally do agree: It is good to keep perspective. I certainly do know for sure that I do live, compared to so many other people in this world, a privileged life. But if I keep using that to avoid solving my problems, even the smallest, that leads to nothing but stagnation in your own life and growth. 

See it like that: By solving the small problems you are creating a firm ground and the problem solving competency that you will need when you come across your bigger problems. And, boy, you will! 

Plus: The happier your own life, the more you can truly be there for other people. That comes back to the number one truth: You can only truly give what you find in yourself. 

So no. Heaven is not a happy place. Neither is earth. It is a wholy place. A holy place. 

And the goal is to learn and grow, to walk through storm and sunshine and not forget to look out for the rainbow. 

So, enjoy life as a process and make sure to enjoy the hell out of it. 

One fine day you will knock on heavens door and you will see the whole and holy picture of your own beautiful one life. 

In the end, it will all make sense. 

I am absolutely sure about that. 


  • Beautiful! Life and ‘feeling like heaven’ is a process and not a problem ♥️ Its what you make of it.

    • “A process not a problem” – I love that!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, honey ❤️


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