This blog is for the seekers and the thinkers, for the insecure and the confident, for the believers and the non-believers.

It’s for you. 

And its only purpose is to share the truth. My truth. Which is subjective, of course. Inspired and guided by my work as a spiritual reader. 

I share what I know, I share what I don’t know. Raw. Unplugged. Unfiltered.

Open for discussion.

Closed for dogmatism.


This blog, it is dedicated to all the beautiful people in my life who have encouraged me to follow my inner voice and outgrow my own limiting beliefs. 

A special thanks goes to my beautiful friend and fellow reader Daily Coffie who always sees my light, especially when I need it the most, because I can’t see it anymore. You are a true blessing!

Another huge thanks goes to a special friend who inspired me to put all this on paper and share it with whomever needs to read it. You know who you are. And even if this doesn’t come in the shape of a drunken text (which might follow nonetheless 😁) I am very happy to have you in my life.


May this blog remind you that life is for living.

May it soothe your soul and give you hope.

May it encourage you to find your own version of faith and belief.

May it lighten up your soul, fill your heart with joy and give you the strength that you need to always see your path.

May you never, ever stop to expect miracles. 

And may you never, ever fucking give up. 

You ARE the light. 

May God bless you. 

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  • Is there a god? God knows! 😆
    Ok, so my humour has degraded to that of Dad jokes. I’m embracing it. You see we all fight off feelings, for many reasons. Fighting the urge to make Dad jokes is an effort to hold on to youth. Stupid, when each stage of this beautiful life has unique joy to offer when we just let it flow.
    Fear of failure, fear of judgement, why? Why for heaven’s sake! If we look from the outside at the things that hold a person back. We see how silly and self induced those barriers often are, now look at yourself with the same perspective. Don’t beat yourself up. Let yourself go. You can do it now, or after a cup of tea. Chillout, let it flow.
    Like Juliane has done.
    Don’t be cynical about her intent here. Embrace it, let it infect you with the blessing of positivity.
    Be the change- Gandhi


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