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I know how frustrating it can be to not be knowing what you actually wanna do with your life. It sucks. Big time. But I’ve got two good news for you: 1. The fact alone that you are looking for your purpose means that you’re closer to finding it than you think. Number 2: Everything that you have done so far already IS part of your soul’s purpose. 

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Connecting with your soul will ALWAYS lift you up. In other words: The Universe has nothing but support in store for you and you absolutely don't have to be perfect to get everything you could ever dream of - and more! Wanna know more about how the Universe rules? Find tons of tools and wisdom in my brand-new blog "Lessons From Above"
If you want to have full freedom of choice, you'll need cash. There is no way around it. Why? Because as long as you don't want to live alone in the woods somewhere and do it ALL by yourself, money is one of the most important tools you have in order to express your free will. Start your soulful journey to abundance right now.





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Embrace imperfection! Your problems can be your way to the life that you wish. Want to learn how to make your wildest dreams come true starting RIGHT NOW?
Juliane Scheel
Unlock your soul, gain clarity and find your soul's purpose.

I am constantly designing new products, services and courses in order to help you to unlock your soul and live a more spiritual, happy and abundant life.



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My work is Dedicated to helping you fall in love with your soul


Hi! I am Juliane.

I am a spiritual coach, an intuitive reader and a clairvoyant. But most importantly, I am everything I stand for: I have created my very own spirituality, I am absolutely imperfect and I am a very normal human being. 

I am also a single mom of three beautiful children, a writer, a chocolate lover and a big believer in life itself. I do know in my heart that each and every one of us is in this world for a reason and that we are guided by something that is much, much bigger than we could ever imagine. It’s beautiful to connect to that bigger realm, but we still should never forget that it is our own little worlds in which we can make the greatest impact. 

What Others say about working with me

Hi Juliane, I can't thank you enough for my Reading today. Your guidance resonates more deeply than I can fathom at the moment. Thank you! Thank you! I think it was my lucky day to have gotten such a beautiful gift from you.


Omg, Juliane!!!
I have goosebumps and shivers running through my entire body. You are spot on! I can't believe you've actually put into words things that are all jumbled up in my mind.
The clarity that you have given me now is truly amazing!"


Hi Juliane,
thank you sooo much for your energy reading!
It felt like a confirmation of everything I've been reflecting upon and I really cannot thank you enough. You have a wonderful gift and are incredibly talented.


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